So I was chatting with a friend and fellow beauty junkie when she asked me what my latest favourite foundation was. And I counter-acted her with another question asking her whether she had tried the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation. She replied saying no. I then went into an immediate high-pitched declaration of how she “HAAAAAADDDDDDD TO  TRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY ITTT!!!!!!! ” It was high-pitched enough for the other 5 people on the table to stop talking and stare at us.

YSL Tient Touche Eclat Foundation

After which I realised, I hadn’t even blogged about it. I should be ashamed.

This foundation is a dream.

The texture is light and airy, not watery, not thick. And as soon as it touches your skin it becomes one with your skin. Seriously, this is the minimum amount of effort I have EVER put in for foundation to blend and look absolutely gorgeous on the skin. I like to use fingers to apply this one but brush works fine too. And i have a 8x magnifying mirror and bright white light under which I can’t tell that there is a layer of foundation on my skin when I tested this (multiple times). My skin looks and feels like bare skin.

The coverage is medium and build-able. I would put it at par if not better in terms of coverage than Chanel Pro lumiere. One thin layer (1 pump … and my face is kinda big) and I can leave the house without using any concealer anywhere on my face. It covers under eye circles and acne scars well enough to look like your having a very good skin day. Of course,  it wont cover dark circles and spots completely but that is not the job of a foundation. This does what every foundation dreams to do – cover without looking like makeup. 

The best part about this is the end finish. I sometimes can have a disastrous skin day with tiny pimples and allergies holding hands on my face to piss me off with horrendous blue dark circles mocking me all at the same time. ANY other foundation would look absolutely shitty and cakey under these circumstances unless i prepped the skin with some amazing skincare products before applying makeup. But sometimes, i just dont have the time or patience or energy to do that but i still cant afford to look like a train wreck. And YSL should win a “Lazy people’s choice award” for creating this miracle product. I can use this foundation on my skin under the most disastrous skin circumstances and  it looks JUST amazing. it’s slightly glowy and luminous at the right areas like tops of cheeks while evening out overall skin tone like a BOSS! Given that I have oily skin, I do powder the centre of my face in the t-zone but more often than not leave the rest of my face without setting with powder. The finish is what I was expecting with chanel vita lumiere aqua foundation because of all the reviews i had seen but that one felt flat for me.

I use the shade BD 10 in YSL le teint touche éclat. There are  17 shades in total with 3 different undertones. BR is for pinkish undertones. B is supposedly neutral but i found it to be on the pinkish side vs being totally neutral. BD is yellow undertone. BD10 maybe a tad bit light for my NC20 skin colour esp. if I have been out in the sun on vacation or something but in general it works just fine for me given that the formula lets your natural skin color show through since it is “free of opaque fillers”

The foundation lasts at least 6 hours on my oily combo skin and as i said i don’t even set it with powder . This is better than most foundations I have tried. It does not break me out at all.

It’s a tie for me with mac face & body which is also my fav foundation of all time. I prefer the YSl one for texture and slightly better ease of usage since mac face & body can be a bit runny and look a bit wet for the first 3-5 mins. But the YSL one has SPF 19 which does pick up and look like a pale cast sometimes when photographed with cheap digital cameras or phone cameras. Since i am not always being photographed in HD, I’d choose mac face & body if I knew I would be photographed a lot.

I don’t repurchase the same foundations because i always like to try the newest and latest launches but both these foundations are definitely holy grail and will be repurchased over and over again. Until the beauty industry blesses us with an even bigger miracle. LOL

Ciao! 🙂

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8 Responses to “YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation”

  1. changered

    Thanks for the informative review! I don’t know a lot of people who use this foundation and I needed this, hehe 🙂 xx

  2. glossyfiles

    I love this foundation – for all the reasons you say – but I have B50 which is a little light for me – annoying! I also agree that B is on the pink side of neutral. Nice post!

  3. lubella

    good post! I have been a loyal user YSL’s Touche Éclat highlighter for years so I’m excited to hear a good review of the foundation.

  4. Amy

    Ex-1 is the best relatively new foundation on the market in terms of quality and price ,in my opinion.. This product seems to have taken its inspiration from ex-1 in terms of similar packaging and quality only its much more expensive.

  5. kelly konstantinou

    I got this foundation mid year june 2013, got matched at doncaster australia, melbourne. At first i loved it because it wasn’t thick at all, but then when i started wearing it on a daily basis I had noticed it didn’t stay on and was more like a tinted moisturizer. The only reasoning why i brought YSL make up was because it has a well known reputation, i would not recommend it at all, and now have gone back to MAC make up!



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