Sometimes the smallest of things make you feel like a million bucks.

Even though I don’t really NEED one and I only use a tiny amount, highlighters make me oh so happy and I own quite a few of them. Of course it is a makeup artist essential but for a pale oily skin gal like me, I often skip this step when I am in a rush. But on days I want to look or feel “extra” pretty (we ALL have those days don’t we? 😉 ), a perfect highlighter application is a MUST. It’s one of those things that makes people go “wow she’s lookin’ good” but without being able to put a finger on what exactly it is.

So here goes a post on my top 3 favorite powder highlighters.

Highlighter Love Best highlighters

1) Cle De Peau Beaute Luminizing Face Enhancer in Pastel – This is the most subtle out of all 3 and also the most expensive. But for good reason. Imagine the finest micro glitter and divide that by a million and mix it all up in a pale silvery gold base that fairies use to sprinkle around in storybooks. And you would get this highlighter. It is absolutely gorgeous and all 4 shades available are beyond beautiful. If you are any darker than NC25, the pastel shade would not work for you but the remaining 3 shades SHOULD work for NC15-NC45 skin colors. This is the only highlighter I dare to wear during the day especially when i am in a hurry cos I can never go wrong with it. No sweaty face look ever! These are RAEviewer’s holy grail highlighters too and she has amazing swatches of all shades available here.

2) theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer – This is a peachy-pale gold highlighter and is VERY pigmented. It’s also one of the most famous highlighters in the beauty industry and everyone and their dog was talking about it a few years ago. It is definitely worth the hype and would work for a wide range of skin tones. It is the type that if worn correctly, would make your skin look like it was photo-shopped in real life. It just adds the most brilliant dimension to the face. I definitely stick to this for the evenings and really stick to the very tops of my cheekbones because of the frosty finish it has. If I put a tiny bit too much, my cheeks end up looking bigger than they already are (yea my baby fat is still right where it was when I was 2!).

3) Dior Transalantique Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer PowderThis was limited edition for Spring 2014 and is hence quite difficult to get hold of now. However it IS one of the best highlighters I have ever tried so I wanted to give it a mention. It is a true gold highlight without being too YELLOW and again should be suitable for a wide range of skin tones especially in spring/summer. It’s got the micro glitter that’s similar to Cle De Peau but it’s more pigmented so a little goes a long way with this one too. It’s the happy medium between the above two as it is slightly more forgiving than theBalm.

So that’s it! Oh can we all take a moment to admire the stunning packaging for all of these?

Do you love highlighters too? What are your favorites?


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