Let me just say this first. I am an NC20 pale-skinned girl with the more than occasional blemish and redness that I cannot always entirely cover up with perfect concealer placement. That basically makes me one of the toughest skin tones to find a great nude lipstick for because pale blotchy skin with nude lips just makes you look like a sick person. Most lipsticks are too pale, too pasty and I never seem to be able to find that perfect balance of pink, peach and brown that I can call “the one”.

So when I bought this Chanel Rouge Coco in Cecile and used it for a night out, i could not contain my excitement. I had truly found “the one”. 🙂

nude lipstick nude lipstick chanel

Let’s talk about the color first. It’s the most beautiful rosewood pinky-nude I have ever seen. It’s just perfection and it’s got this slightly frosty sheen to it that looks amazing for a nude lipstick and make my lips look plumper and fuller and all cushion-ey. The neutral shade goes with pretty much any look, the natural no-makeup day time look, or super smokey dark eyes.

The formula is ultra-hydrating. I can truly put this on super parched, dry lips and it still make ’em look plumped up and juicy instead of just sitting on top and being flakey. It lasts 3-4 hours inspire of drinking and eating. And when it fades, it fades so uniformly without weird patches and lines.

If i didn’t have about 50 lipsticks already, i would have bought at least 3 backups just in case. For now, I’ll live with having just one backup.

What’s your favourite nude lipstick?


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