I am a skincare snob. Which means the body shop is not my go to place for skincare. But this product really caught my attention cos it seemed like an entirely new form of skincare and I just HAAAADDD to walk in and try it on my hand. And when you just HAAAVVVEEE to do something (cos otherwise you’re too curious to try it that you can’t concentrate on work) you just do it! So of course i stepped into the local store at Novena near my office when i got done with work.

The Body Shop Vitamin E serum-in-oil

What made me buy it? The scent! It’s aaaammmmmmmaaaaazzzzziiiing and not offensive or chemical-ly. Like generally heavily scented skincare puts me off but this scent makes you feel like you are applying something “nourishing” and “good for your skin”. It’s gorgeous and i can’t get enough of it! Add to that the consistency – it’s basically a light oil. I wouldn’t call it a serum but it’s not sticky. So after my “back of hand trying” in the shop, I just HAD to buy it even though I am on a shopping ban cos I own too much skincare n I need to finish!!! Lol besides Caroline hirons and estee love it too so why would I not?
The product works to moisturize and that’s about it. None of those radiance enhancing, wrinkle reducing, pore minimizing benefits. I use it after my SK-II FTE and generally don’t follow up with moisturizer.
If you are looking for a budget face oil then do try this one. Again – loooveeeeee the scent!

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