Now that the party season is officially over, I need some serious TLC for my skin to look like i didn’t drink and eat more than my fair share of holiday goodies (mulled wine, christmas pudding… you know the works). Nothing makes the biggest difference than a good face mask session while watching my favourite tv show (it’s Banshee these days) and drinking hot tea with honey. I have a few favourites but recently i got this Peter Thomas Roth set with 5 masks and I just can’t seem to get enough. There’s one for every occasion and every skin woe. Plus they look so cute sitting all nice and colourful in my bathroom.


If you know me, you’d know i have very fussy skin that likes to throw me a mild break out or two now and again. After party season, this got worse thanks to the amount of mulled wine that was consumed. So the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask was perfect as an exfoliating treatment. This is more like a physical granular scrub type mask that contains AHAs. AHAs are Alpha Hydroxy Acids that slough away dead skin cells to reveal new baby soft skin. I put a generous layer of this all over, leave it there for 5 mins and then i scrub it off with water. This is one of the tingly ones, so i won’t recommend if you have sensitive skin that gets aggravated and inflamed easily. But on most days, my skin can take it and I absolutely think it keeps the acne away especially during/before “that” time of the month.

Peter THomas Roth Pumpkin Mask

If you have sensitive skin that tends to also get spotty, i think the Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask is going to be your friend. I love the texture of this mask as it’s very jelly-like and unusual for a clay mask. It stays quite wet even though i leave it on for 10 mins or more and never ever feels over-drying or stripping my skin away. Do note that washing this one off is kinda messy because the jelly-like mask won’t come off with water alone and you have got to go in there with a face towel to wipe it off your face. Totally worth the stained towels though. My skin feels extra clean but still hydrated and comfortable.

Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask

The Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask is my favourite for Sundays in my PJs after a hectic work week staring at the laptop screen for 10 hours a day followed by an extra-social saturday. You know what I mean… This mask smells amazing – subtle but authentic roses which reminds of an uber luxurious spa. Again the texture is absolutely beautiful when i spread it all over my face in a nice, thick layer. It wakes up my tired and often puffy face and gives it a bit of an oomph (read lift and glow) while deeply hydrating my skin. I really keep it on for as long as I fancy – sometimes even an entire 45 min episode of Banshee. When i wash it off, i can almost feel my skin thanking me.

Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask

The mornings after a party, my skin tends to be quite patchy, red and overall irritated. And i find that the Cucumber Gel Mask from this set really helps to cool down and sooth my skin. It’s a bright green gel with a very similar consistency to the pink Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask. This one is my go-to when I really do not want to take any chances with my skin with anything too strong.


The last but not the least, is the 24K Gold Mask. Now before I talk about this, let me just say that I really like all 5 masks and there is a place in my skincare arsenal for each one of them. But if you asked me to pick just one, it would most definitely be this. It literally blew my mind and is one of the best masks I have ever used. The product itself looks like molten yellow gold. It’s mesmerising and I haven’t seen anything like it in my life. It’s got bits of very minute gold particles so when you spread it all over your face, you start glistening (which got my inner 4 year old very excited). I keep it on for about 15 mins and voila! It’s got this immediate effect on your face – I could feel my skin so much more plumped, lifted, less puffy, less visible pores and oh so much more glowing. It’s as though I’d been drinking green juices for a week which made my skin look THAT great when in reality i had had a shitty week and my skin showed it before I used this mask. It really does what it says on the pack and I would pay for a full-size of this when this runs out. I highly recommend this product.

On the Sephora USA website i could only find this set which has 6 instead of the 5 masks I mentioned, in case you want to get the entire set. The one additional one is the Blue Marine Algae Mask which I’ve never tried but i really don’t think you can go wrong with Peter Thomas Roth masks.

What are your mask favourites for this time of the year?

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