You know those nights when you come back home and just want to plonk yourself on the bed and go to sleep. No changing clothes, brushing teeth, washing face and definitely no skincare regimen. I have such days almost once every week when i JUST CANNOT BE BOTHERED. But since i wasn’t born with the best skin in the world i definitely cannot afford to fall asleep without taking my makeup off. Long day at work, partied too hard or just plain lazy, my skin does not accept excuses and gifts me with a few acne spots the next morning if i don’t give it some TLC the night before

For those nights, after dragging myself to the wash basin and cleansing my face i take out one of my one step wonders. They ain’t too much work but keep my skin happy (and glowy) the next morning!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Sunday Riley Good Genes

If my skin is feeling dehydrated (thank you pinot noir) I bring out the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This is an oil and smells like a posh spa (lots of lavender). Now the bottle says you’re supposed to use 2-3 drops, but i go in and pour out at least 10 and massage it all over my skin. It feels oily for exactly one minute and by then my skin drinks it in and feels plumped up already. When I wake up, my skin feels soft, plush and bouncy. I basically look like I went to the spa the day before instead of jumping on the dance floor at a party that ended at 4am. One step wonder? Oh yes!

If my skin is feeling a bit clogged up and greasy, I wash my face and slap on the Sunday Riley Good Genes. It’s a light cream-like texture and when applied, it feels a little bit tingly thanks to the high concentration of lactic acid in it. I wake up and voila! All those bumps and painful under the skin blobs have disappeared and my old acne scars seem so much lighter.     There is a glow on my face and my skin feels so smooth, it’s kind of too good to be true considering i spent exactly 5 seconds applying this before crashing on the bed.

On a regular basis, I do put in the effort and go through 5-6 skincare steps purely because nothing can beat what layering skincare products can do for your skin in the long term. But when you just don’t have the energy to even take your heels off before you sleep, any of these products will have you covered.

What are your secret skincare weapons for such days?



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