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Sorry I haven’t posted for the LONGEST time but after such a long period of being MIA, the first thing I wanted to post about was my new favorite concealer.

Now, until today i didn’t have a favorite concealer. I had a couple of “good” concealers and a long list of “bad” concealers. But this NARS baby has changed things quite a bit.

NARS radiant creamy concealer

One of the biggest reasons why I love it is because of the texture. It’s perfect for under the eyes and perfect for spot/blemish concealing on the face. This is important because i am lazy. I don’t like using 2 different concealers. Simple. the texture is creamy and thick but super super easy to blend with fingers or a blending brush. I know tons of people who love mac studio finish but that one is just too drying and difficult to blend even though that covers well. The NARS radiant creamy concealer covers equally well but once it’s blended it looks flawless on the skin, as if you didn’t use anything to cover up anything on your face and your skin never knew dark circles and acne scars. Do you know what’s worse than not so perfect looking skin? it’s not so perfect looking skin evidently covered with thick and dry concealer.

Also, i love the packaging because it’s a simple wand applicator. I do not like little pots and sticks are not too great either. However, until i met the NARs one, most concealers that came in a wand applicator packaging had pretty sheer coverage.

My previous concealer favs were By Terry Touche Veloutee, bobbi brown corrector (light peach) and Covergirl & Olay concealer balm for under eye. These didn’t work too well for blemishes either cos of the shade or the texture. For the rest of the face the only one I actually like is the Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge which covers flawlessly BUT the texture is a bit tricky to work with you need to spend some time blending it to perfection. The NARS covers as well as the Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge but the texture is way more friendly for lazy people Β like me πŸ™‚

I use the color Medium 1 Custard and it’s ever-so-slightly deep for my NC20 skin color. Under the eyes somehow it works perfectly and the beige-ish undertones of this shade counter the blue of my dark circles. On the face, I just have to make sure i blend in the edges well so that there are no harsh lines. I might try another shade to see if it works even better but I am happy with this one for now.

The only thing though, is that i have no idea why it’s called “radiant” because it’s not super brightening or anything. As in, it cover super well and your under eye looks perfect but it’s not super luminous that you can’t use it on blemishes. You won’t end up “highlighting” your blemishes if you use this on your face. It just covers flawlessly. I would name it NARS “get-ready-for-flawless-skin” creamy concealer. πŸ˜›

Must try for concealer junkies, dark circles and spot strugglers and lazy people. πŸ™‚


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