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I finally completed my 15 pan MAC eyeshadow palette. It took me around 3 years of uhmmming and aaahing but it’s done “pats self on back in victory”. It’s been a long and complicated affair but I’ve loved every bit of it. Somehow building up my own MAC palette gave me ALOT of joy and even though i am not 100% happy with ALL my choices I kinda still love it.

My aim was to build a palette that was all-encompassing – one that had a fair share of neutrals as I would want to use it regularly since I was investing so much money (and time) but also something that had a bit of color …. basically a palette that catered to all my makeup mood swings. As you know, sometimes i must wear purple eyeshadow… i must.

So this is what my palette has…

First Row:

Brule: This is a matte bone color that is very close to my NC20 skin color. Helps to even things out, blend things, or just wear on it’s own. I’d definitely recommend this one for all ladies with NC25 or lighter skin color since it’s an all rounder. It makes your eyes look nicer without looking like you’re wearing makeup.

Goldbit: I don’t see too many people talk about this shade but this is my go-to shimmery all-over lid shade. It’s a pale gold color and the shimmer is not too loud. The slightly yellow undertones help combat the redness on my lids which is the main reason why I chose this shade over the usual Naked Lunch or All That Glitters. I also use this as a highlight for the inner corners or under the brow.

Romp: My first MAC eyeshadow ever and also an all-time favourite. I bought it when I saw Tanya Burr do a Mila Kunis tutorial with this. It’s a warm gold brown with shimmer and looks uber sexy with a lot of black kohl smudged in near the lashes and lots of black mascara. The first time I wore it my husband (then boyfriend) said “ooh i like what you’ve done to your eyes” and this is a boy who didn’t notice when i got purple highlights done in my hair … just sayin….

Soba: This is one that is an easy, no-brainer color for day time looks. When I want something that is not too obvious but makes my eyes pop, i choose Soba. It’s a warm light brown and has very very very subtle shimmer running through it which does not really show up on the eyes. Again the color has yellow undertones so amazing to combat my redness on the upper eyelids and make my dark eyes pop. 🙂

Swiss Chocolate: This is a matte red-toned brown. I don’t find myself using it too often because it takes some effort to blend it in properly and i definitely cannot use it just on it’s own. So it’s a nice to have for crease blending and smudging underneath the lower lash line but definitely not my go-to.

Second Row:

Wedge: This is a lightish cool toned matte brown and my go-to crease shade and I also like it on it’s own. It’s very basic but quite handy.

Mulch: I had high hopes for this since it is a gorgeous dark brown with shimmer but the color is just not that flattering on me especially when worn on it’s own. I can still make it work as a crease color sometimes but overall it’s not one of my most used eyeshadow shades.

Club: This is a unique duo chrome color that changes from a dirty dark green to golden brown based on how the light changes. It’s absolutely gorgeous and looks good worn on it’s own for a smokey eye.

Woodwinked: Another gold peachy pearl-finish brown that looks very flattering on my eyes. On it’s own I wear it to work sometimes with a lot of mascara. But it also works nicely for an evening look with a darker brown in the crease or even to warm up a grey smokey eye. The texture is wonderful and hardly takes any effort to blend.

Print:This is a medium grey with a very subtle amount of sparkle running through it that you cannot really see once applied. So it’s mostly matte and very opaque. I love it for a grey smokey eye or to soften a black liner look. Also works great underneath the lower lash line.

Third Row:

Humid: The lady at the MAC counter recommended this to me as I would have never picked a proper green eyeshadow like this. But when i applied it on my eyes, it looked beautiful! This dusty medium green made my dark eyes really pop but didn’t make me look childish. It’s very wearable especially if you put Wedge / medium brown shadow in the crease and use black/brown eyeliner to frame the eye. Highly recommended for dark brown/ black eyes !

Sumptuous Olive: Again one of my favourite eyeshadows. It’s a lavish mix of gold and pistachio green / khaki color with a pearl finish. I wear it to work, on romantic dates, to indian weddings, house parties … whatever , wherever the color goes with everything. I don’t own Patina, but i think this is a warmer version of Patina which is more of a taupe/ cool undertone. It also looks nice with Humid in the crease for a greenish gold smokey eye.

Deep Truth: This is a proper dark blue for days when i want to get creative an experiment with my makeup. But honestly haven’t really used it much since I got it. It’s a pearl finish and the shade of blue is perfect – not too bright but not too close to black. I like to use to smudge out black liner to soften the look and add color in a grown-up way. Very pigmented and very easy to blend.

Parfait Amour: This is my choice of purple eyeshadow from MAC’s 20 shades of purple. It’s just the perfect shade that is not too pink, not too blue, not too dark, not too pastey… it’s just purple gorgeousness. It’s easy to blend and a sheer application looks close to grey on my eyes. I like to build it up to make it look purple and put Wedge or Print in the crease for definition.

Carbon: This is a black eyeshadow but not a pitch dark black. I use it to smudge out liner and in the crease for intense smokey eyes. I even like pressing it near my lashes to make my lashes seem fuller and thicker. It’s very easy to work with and blend considering it’s a matte shade.

So that’s all about my MAC eyeshadows. Romp, Sumptuous Olive, Woodwinked and Soba are my absolute must haves!

Hope you found this helpful!


Ciao 🙂

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