This is THE BEST product I have I ever put on my lips.
I suffer from super dry, chapped and unhappy lips. Even in hot & humid Singapore. So winters in delhi literally kill my lips. Super dry lips means peeling …. which means any lipstick and majority of glosses would leave your lips in a goopy mess. But this product is an absolute life saver!


I went to lush in singapore at wisma atria for the first time and tried it in store. And in 1 minute my lips were buffed and scuffed and basically MEGA soft without reaching for a lip balm. I got the vanilla chocolate flavor but there are mint and bubblegum flavors too and I liked all three. The peeling skin immediately disappears once you rub your lips together for about 10 seconds. I have tried lip scrubs from body shop and a few other brands but nothing impressive. The lush lip scrub doesn’t feel uncomfortable and doesn’t “hurt” your lips while scuffing out the pealing skin and my lips are left soft, smooth and comfortable. The chocolate one tastes pleasantly sweet and sugary but nothing overpowering. The lip scrub is edible (which I think is super cool and gives me a major kick) and smells fantastic too. It costs S$18.
Basically, if you are forever at war with your lips, get it. Now!
Now something about lush cosmetics. They are a UK based handmade cosmetics company. All products are made fresh with 100% vegetarian ingredients. And yes their products are literally handmade in small batches to ensure freshness of every single product. None of the products on the shelf are more than 4 months old and each product generally has an average shelf life of 14 months. How they manage their supply chain in 43 countries worldwide is beyond me. But it’s definitely genius. Manufacturing and expiry dates are clearly stated on each individual product. They have hair care, face and skin care products.
The products are priced very similar to the body shop. But the staff is 20 times nicer and the products are 200 times more unique. Seriously, the sales girl in store was absolutely pleasant but not fake, she encouraged me to try all the products that my eyes rested on, patiently answered all my questions , and remained pleasant when I decided not to purchase a product after trying it. I mean, a LOT of big brands can learn a lot from how lush trains it’s staff. They are pleasant, happy, genuine and basically perfect. :p

Lastly, I absolutely love what the paper bag says:


This alone makes me want to go back and try more products. And I will!

Ciao! 🙂

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