Being a pale NC20 girl with a round face, bronzers are a necessary part of my makeup routine. Given that I am no makeup genius, I need a bronzer that is easy to blend and just the right shade so that I don’t need to spend 5 mins trying to make it look right. I find the Sleek contour kit hard to blend and patchy and the Milani baked bronzers are way too glittery. Benefit Hoola is one of my preferred products but I have found something that tops the charts and it just doesn’t get better than that!

The Tom Ford Bronzing Powders in Terra and Gold Dust are expensive but worth every penny!

Tom Ford Bronzers Terra & Gold Dust
Tom Ford Bronzers

Terra is a cool matte color that is perfect as a contour. Not too grey, not too orange and not too muddy. It blends like a dream and it’s undetectable on the skin and looks completely natural. It’s never patchy or cakey looking it just mimics a natural shadow. I have never used anything like this in my life and while its $95 a pop, i’d repurchase it if i ever use it all up. It’s the only product I have been using anytime I want to contour or want a matte bronzer all over my face.

Gold Dust is golden shade with micro shimmer. I am not a fan of too much glitter and like using a highlight at very specific points on my face so a glittery bronzer is usually not my thing. But this is just OUT OF THIS WORLD gorgeous. If I have time to use just one cheek product, i grab this and dust on on my cheeks, sides of the forehead and chin. It just adds so much life to my face and I always get compliments on how “well” I’m looking. It never accentuates my pores and the shimmer is so fine no body can tell you’re wearing anything shimmery on your face. I was wearing this one day with very minimal makeup at work and had to take a picture for the office ID. I generally look terrible in a flat photo ID picture but this one came out and i was like wow!

Sometimes when i really have all the time in the world to do my makeup, I use terra as a contour and gold dust to dust all over.

Both products are gorgeous and I cannot get myself to pick just one. I use the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush (which rocks and deserves another blog post rave) with both shades. However, the Real Techniques Blush Brush also works quite well with both.

I would have to mention though that if you are darker than NC35, Terra would not really show up and Gold Dust will serve more as a subtle highlight.

Have you tried any bronzers that have made you forget about every other bronzer you ever tried?

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2 Responses to “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than The Tom Ford Bronzers”

  1. Barbie lee

    Hello thank you for ths review I’ve been eyeing a tom Ford bronzer. And I’m planning to get both of them but because of their prices I might just get one bronzer at a time. Pls help me decide whether terra or gold dust. I’m An NC20 as well could you pls make a swatch of both bronzers:) thank you so much

    • curiouskohl

      Get gold dust for sure! both are really good and worth the investment but if i had to pick one, it’s gold dust. that dusted on the cheeks and temples adds life to your face and looks amazing in pictures. 🙂


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