It costs S$79. (followed by an ah-well-it’s-chanel facial expression).

That said, I do believe that foundation is one makeup item you have to splurge on and everything else can be drugstore and it’s cool. Why? Cos I haven’t met a drugstore foundation yet that perfects the “no-makeup” skin look.
Anyway, I heard great reviews about this product. Went to the Chanel counter (I’ve kinda become friends with the head makeup artist who usually is at ion or the takashimaya counter) and was recommended this product. I got the shade BO20 beige ocre tendre.

chanel vitalumiere aqua
Love it because:
-the texture is so so SO light to feel (mousse-like & not watery) yet it gives a decent just-the-right-amount of coverage
-the perfect amount of glow. Not too dewy like vitalumiere but not too matte (I hate matte finish)
-smells HEAVENLY! I wish I knew which scent they use in the formula. Believe me… words can’t describe how good this thing smells. 🙂
-BO20 is a perfect match for my skin
-light weight packaging so I can toss it in my handbag

Hate it because:
– I feel that SOMETIMES it separates on my skin! It’s a water based formula so you need to shake it really well before squeezing it out. But no matter how well I shake it, sometimes my skin just absorbs the “aqua” part of it and I’m left with tiny tiny powdery particles of the formula. THIS is NOT a natural look at all. This happened to me the third or fourth time I used it and i almost wanted to cry (OK not really but you know wht I mean) cos I was so happy with the results for the first 2 times I used it. I have googled this issue, read reviews online but no one seems to have this problem. I have also tried using a different moisturizer or primer before applying it. But no conclusive results with my experimentation. In short – my chances of achieving the “perfect finish” with this foundation are 50-50. So I can’t rely on this 100%. If I am wearing foundation, it’s probably an important day and I probably won’t use this unless I find a fool proof method of using it.
– I think it breaks me out SOMETIMES.

So in a nutshell, Chanel pro lumiere remains my HG. I know they’re discontinuing it. I am hoping that their new perfection lumiere works even better for me. :p I saw fleurdeforce’s review on YouTube so I am definitely curious!
I shall continue my experimentation with vitalumiere aqua until I can get it to work for me 100% of the time. Btw I recommend using fingers or real techniques buffing brush to apply.


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