I decided that I was going to own this product within 10 seconds of seeing Lily Pebbles instagram a picture of it. So when i saw it at the counters in Singapore, i walked in to grab it without even testing it. Now THAT is rare for me. But for a limited edition blush from Chanel that looks like THIS? I’d say it had to be done!

Meet the Jardin de Chanel in Camélia Rosé.

Jardin de Chanel in Camélia Rosé

I bought this and did not use it for a month because i could not get over how pretty it looked. But came March and my birthday and I decided to get cracking with this little treat. The color payoff is INCREDIBLE. I love the regular chanel blushes anyway but this one is definitely more pigmented than the regular range. So I am quite careful with how much i apply and I generally use a stippling brush.

The mixture of the light pink and the deeper rosey pink creates quite a unique color for my skin. It’s a shade I can wear in spring/summer AND fall/winter and it would go with ANY kind of makeup. It is one of the few blushes I can wear on it’s own without needing to use bronzer because it just sculpts and adds shape to my (round) face. I have been wearing it every single day since I opened it and I am sure glad i didn’t think twice before buying it.

I am not one for cute and pretty packaging. I mean it’s always nice to have but if the product quality doesn’t wow me, I won’t spend my money on it. Not to mention, I am not the biggest fan of florals! But Chanel just got this SO RIGHT that even I could not help but get my hands on it regardless of the product inside. Top that with superb quality and a totally unique shade of blush and I would be willing to pay double, yes double the amount i did pay for this.


Were you able to get your hands on this blush?



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