There was a time in my university life when I was completely obsessed with The Body Shop. In my second year, my body wash to my perfume to my eye kohl – all were from the body shop. I have tried about 75% of their products from body and skin care to makeup. I soon realized there were other and much better quality products out there so I switched to other brands. But I still use a handful of their products which I truly believe are super awesome. This is one of them.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

You get 10ml of product which is 15% pure tea tree oil. The tiny bottle costs S$18.90 but a little goes a long way. Every time I can “feel” an acne popping up I just dabb some using a clean index finger. I would dabb it twice a day and it helps clear out what would hv been a humongous pimple to a small red spot in a matter of 3 days. The product stings when applied but nothing even close to unbearable. It also has a very strong smell which I do not find unpleasant.

The product has always worked for me and it’s one of the best that I can recommend for emergency acne situations. I might be on my 6th or 7th bottle and I have been using this for over 5 years.

PS: I am a fan of the entire tea tree oil range and the products have generally worked for me. I still use the tea tree oil facial toner quite frequently.


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