If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a skincare fanatic. I try everything new that comes out and perks my interest, anything that my trusty youtube gurus rave about and anything where the ad catches my attention. I be crazy? I think so.

Given that i try so many things, in order to make sure my skin doesn’t go too crazy i have a few handful of holy grail products that I will always repurchase and always stick to when I know my skin is being moody and weird. Obviously, for a product to be given “holy grail” status in my dictionary it has to really really really be out of the planet. What i mean is, my reaction when i wake up and look at my face in the bathroom mirror in the morning should be something that makes my jaw drop, eyes pop and draw my lips into a big huge grin even though I am groggy as all hell.

One of my HG skincare products is the SKII Facial Treatment Essence. The second one is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. The third one is what I am going to review in this post. It’s the Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

What is it?

It is a clear water like liquid which is a 5% glycolic acid solution. Quite simply put it is a chemical exfoliant as glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy-acid that works on the surface of the skin to remove dead skin cells and bring out fresh skin cells, tightens pores, kills bacteria, moisturises dry skin.If you ask me, it’s skin heaven in a bottle.

How do you use it?

After cleansing your face, pat dry with a towel. Soak a cotton pad in the Liquid Gold solution and wipe it across your face like you would do with a toner. And then sleep. Don’t put anything else. NOTHING. And you will wake up to clearer, brighter, tighter skin that is as soft as a baby’s bum. It’s an overnight facial. When you apply it, it might feel slightly tingly but nothing you will bat an eyelid over and the tingling does not last for more than 3 seconds.

You only use it  2-3 times a week at night. It’s too strong an exfoliant so do not use it everyday.

WHo can use it?

Anyone over mid/late 20s, with ANY skin type*. It is BRILLIANT at keeping acne at bay because acid kills bacteria and the exfoliation sort of heals the acne faster. It’s brilliant for dry flaky skin because it exfoliates the top layer of dead dull skin and brings to surface new skin cells.

*As long as you do not suffer from rosacea or eczema on your face and are not on retinol treatments

Where to buy?

Alpha-H is an australian salon professional brand. In singapore you can buy it at spas and skin centres but the easiest thing to do is order online at beautybay.com as they offer free worldwide shipping for any order. For a 200ml bottle, it costs SGD 75 (approx. US$62) which lasts approx. 4-5 months. It also comes in a 100ml size for SGD 53 (approx. US$44)

I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Ciao! 🙂

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