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Hi! I am Mahak and I have been curious about the world of beauty and everything it has to offer for almost half a decade.

I have a full-time job in brand management coincidentally for beauty brands (first in hair care and now in skin care) which is fantastic. I write this blog purely as a hobby and as a personal passion to share my thoughts on every beauty product, trick or tip I fancy experimenting with.

Thank you for reading!



Skin type: oily combination

Skin tone: Mac NC20 (Chanel perfection lumiere B20, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk 4.5, Dior Forever/SkinNude 011)

Eyes: Very black eyes, very black brows, very black lashes. (I’m not kidding when I say “Very black”)

Hair: Dark brown, fine texture, long, straight with a natural wave. Very manageable in dry weather. Quite frizzy in humid weather.

DISCLAIMER: I happen to be an employee of Procter & Gamble. This blog is purely my personal passion and hobby and is not in any way related to the company. The views/opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not  reflect the views of my employer.

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