My foundation needs vary based on the occasion, my skin condition, the weather and most of all my mood. One day I may prefer a barely there tinted moisturiser, a week later a powder foundation and then a full coverage liquid foundation the following month. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a foundation that can make my face look awake without having the need to use concealer or having to set it with powder. I know I know, I am asking for the moon and stars here. It was a hard one to crack but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation ticked all the boxes.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation


The product comes in a pretty edgy looking bottle with a very nice pump that is easy to control. The formula itself is surprisingly thin you really don’t need more than a pump to cover your entire face. It offers pretty full coverage – i really can’t see much of my old acne spots, redness and under eye dark circles. So definitely a product that allows me to skip concealer.

The finish is matte but not flat – what the new beauty world calls “demi-matte”. There is something in the formula that keeps your skin looking “alive” and very “skin like” but no obvious glow or shine. I haven’t tried many matte foundations in life but i think this comes close to the Makeup Forever HD foundation. Given that it’s so full coverage, I found it truly amazing that the finish could look THAT “realistic” and not mask-like. It’s honestly like magic in my opinion as long as I follow two simple rules. One, I find that I definitely need to moisturise my skin properly before this foundation. At minimum, I always use an essence followed by the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. If I don’t, I do find that it sticks to dry patches and sort of sits on top of the skin in a powdery obvious looking way. Secondly (this was a big one!), I find that I can’t use a beauty blender with it. I know right! It’s just that the formula sets a bit faster than the average foundation. So if I try to stamp it in like you do with a beauty blender, it just doesn’t seem to want to spread properly. However, if I use a round topped foundation buffing brush, the product really blends in much quicker and faster and becomes one with my skin and as a result gives that very real-skin appearance.

I use the shade 3 and i find that it’s a really good match for my NC 20 – ish skin. I read reviews that the product oxidises on people after a few minutes of applying it. I really did not have that problem whatsoever.  I also can get away without powder and it still lasts very well throughout the day. So when i do want to wear makeup to work, this foundation has become one of my go-to’s – quick coverage, skin like finish, lasts all day and the shade matches my skin! What’s not to like?

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