Most days I am ready for work in 15 mins flat. This basically implies I prefer sleeping in the extra 15 mins and spending less than 5 mins on makeup. So i am sharing here with you one of my many versions of a makeup look that you can whack on in less than 5 mins and still look kinda put together.

5 min makeup look 5 min makeup


So i spend most out of the 5 mins I have on my skin. Obviously since i am in a rush, i cannot be bothered with several concealers and blending in foundation perfectly. This means I need a base that covers well enough that I can skip concealer but is easy to blend and does NOT need 2 brushes and a sponge to get it to look good. The Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream is my best friend. I use my fingers to apply as the formula is quite thin but it is pigmented enough to take care of dark circles and redness to a pretty decent extent. It literally takes me 20 seconds and my face instantly looks fresh. I use the shade 32 which is a touch darker for me but it works. For less than US$20 it beats many of my high end foundations when speed is of utmost importance.

Since this cc cream has a slightly glowing finish and I have combination oily skin, I do a quick dusting of the Chanel Le Beiges Powder in No. 10. This is perfect because you can never over do it and it never looks cakey but still gets the job done and a little more. I never finish my makeup products especially powders but i have really hit pan on this quite a bit.

Given I am a bit of a pale NC20 ish kinda gal, I do look a bit ghostly in the mornings without any color on my cheeks. So i pick a bronzer or a blush, whatever I fancy and is idiot-proof. These days I have been obsessed with the Jardin de Chanel in Camélia Rosé (Read my review here) which was a spring 2015 limited edition.



I have been loving the new Maybelline Color Molten Eyeshadow in Nude Rush. I pick the warm brown shade (Mac Soba in a cream formula me thinks) and apply it with my fingers blending as I go. This evens out the veins and darkness on the upper eyelids and makes me look more awake. The product is fantastic and lasts really long on my oily eyelids. Then one quick coat of the Guerlain Maxi lash mascara for thick lashes top and bottom… and eyes are done!



A bit of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry patted in for a comfortable pop of color that looks effortless.

And that’s a wrap!

What are your 5 min makeup look essentials?



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