You want it quick, easy, effective and don’t want to spend a fortune on skincare. I get it. Here are my top recommendations of affordable skincare products in 5 easy steps:

This is what you need.

1) A cleanser/face wash that is NOT mean to your skin. – Most of us grew up using foaming face washes that turn your face into a bubble bath. Throw them in the bin because they are drying the crap out of your skin. You need something gentle yet effective. I recommend an oil cleanser to ONE and ALL! Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin whatever you were born with, a cleansing oil or balm will be a game-changer for your skin. You need to massage it on to dry skin, then use a tiny amount of water and keep massaging it and then wash it off. It’s simple and a GAZILLION times better for your skin than a foaming cleanser because they take off makeup more effectively and care for your skin in the process.  For a budget option, Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil gets a HUGE THUMBS UP from me and so does The Body Shop NUTRIGANICS softening cleansing gel.



2) A toner that is not abrasive but not useless – This is what will take off the layer of dead skin cells (i.e. gently exfoliate your skin) and prep your skin for better absorption of other skincare products. Unless you have very dry skin, look for something with Salicylic Acid in which will help keep your pores clear and your skin acne free. This is hard to come by at the drugstore but Vichy Normaderm Pore Tightening Lotion is a good find. If you have dry skin and never get acne ever then get a hydrating toner like The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner for an extra layer of hydration.



3) A serum specially meant for you: Look at your face and decide what your biggest skin concern is. If you don’t know or can’t tell, a hydration boosting serum or a radiance boosting serum works for everyone. Serums are very fine, specialised skincare products that go deeper into the skin and target a specific problem area. They are also typically more expensive than any other types of skincare products.Some of my favourite serums that aren’t too heavy on the wallet are Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum and The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Serum.



4) A moisturizer that locks in all the good stuff: Everyone needs one and based on your skin type and environment you may choose a texture that works best. If you spend most of your day in a hot humid environment and have oily skin, you can just use a serum and skip moisturiser during the day and only use it in the night. The Neutrogena Hydroboost gel cream has a gorgeous texture and contains Hyaluronic Acid and makes for a fantastic moisturiser for most skin types. If you have quite dry skin or harsh winter wreaks havoc on your skin, a great moisturiser that’s relatively affordable is NUXE Ultra Comfortable face cream to make the dry patches and flakiness go away.



5) Sun protection cream because UV is BAD: Now if you’re not spending your day outdoors by the beach or the pool then you can use a BB cream, or face primer that also has SPF. A great day moisturiser that has SPF and works great under makeup is Garnier Sakura White Moisturising cream. But if you do plan to spend more than 20 mins in the sun then you better have some heavy duty sun protection lathered on. I like Biore Watery Aqua Gel ALOT because of it’s super light and easy to blend texture.

sun block

Hope that was helpful. Good skincare does not need to be expensive so do your skin a favour and get going!


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