I was with my usual bunch on a Saturday night with more than a few bottles of wine emptied when all of us had this sudden realisation that we were growing old (we were born in the late 1980s so we’re not really THAT old). At the same time, a couple was planning to go to the Maldives when we were like “Hey, you can do Maldives when you’re older”… let’s all make a crazy trip to a crazy place. After 5 minutes of utterly non-structured and non-coherent discussion, it was decided we absolutely MUST take a trip to Ibiza – the party island of the world. A few weeks later, the tickets were booked and 8 of us, for an amazingly odd reason, were going to Ibiza!




Now with 3 married couples & the 4th couple having been recently engaged, we were all in a happy stage of life in the sense that we weren’t looking to get out-of-control-puking-behind-a-tree drunk and hook up with strangers – we didn’t want to go THAT crazy. But we were crazy enough to fly from Singapore to Ibiza JUST to party & have a good time so it would be understandable if you questioned our sanity. Anyway, to have a good time ALL of the time whilst in Ibiza, accommodation arrangements were key. What was important was a spacious place in the right location (near all the nice clubs) where we could pregame before heading out in the evenings – hence our choice of accommodation was this 4-bedroom bungalow right on Playa D’en Bossa that we found on AIRBNB. This was a TOTAL WIN – each couple had their own bedroom, there was a huge living room and an outdoor patio area where we could drink PIMMs in our PJs for breakfast, chat about crazy decisions we make after wine, dance to “Despacito” & be EXTREMELY loud at any & all times of the day.


Our awesome AIRBNB!


We landed in Ibiza, entered our Airbnb, were greeted with jaeger bombs from the 2 couples who had reached a few hours before us. We changed, drank some more and headed out to Ushuaia for an epic night dancing to Robin Schulz and David Guetta!  It was one of those surreal, out-of-body-esque, gives-you-goosebumps kind of experiences for me – i really did NOT know what to expect at a Guetta concert but let’s just say that this knocked my socks off in the best way possible! Mind you, most clubs where the big names are playing are usually jam-packed but even though i was in my havaianas i didn’t really get stepped on by the 5,000 people surrounding me. Some more jaeger bombs were consumed while dancing but mostly dancing.The 8 of us got separated multiple times but by time the party was over it was 3am and we all realised we were starving. We entered the nearest restaurant we could find & inhaled some surprisingly good pizza before heading home (5 min cab ride woohoo!) and calling it a night.




Our trip wasn’t a meticulously planned trip – we wanted to go with the flow (& we are lazy!). In fact, the only tickets we had booked in advance were the Ushuaia David Guetta tickets. So on our second day, we woke up and figured out a boat party to honour our boisterous presence with. We boarded the boat from San Antonio from this bar called Ibiza Rocks. Everything in Ibiza happens at it’s own pace so we had to wait around quite a bit to board the boat even though we ourselves reached 10 mins late. The boat itself was nothing great and the 2 free drinks we got were a joke (imagine watered down terribly made sangria). The DJ on the other hand was superb and the views were fantastic. There was a bar on the boat which wasn’t terribly expensive so after a few drinks, we all had a good time until it was sunset at around 930pm and we came back to San Antonio. We all headed back to Playa D’en Bossa to pregame until 1am when we decided to stroll into the the newest club in town called “Hi”. They didn’t let a few of the boys in cos they were in beachwear (Billabong board shorts and not “nice” shorts with flip-flops) but it wasn’t a big deal cos our apartment was just a 5 minute cab ride away. “Hi” had some pretty insane music too albeit too electro for our tastes and Eric Prydz came in to play at 3am!


Sunset from the boat party!


Waiting to board the boat at Ibiza Rocks!


San Antonio


After 2 insane nights, we wanted to basically calm down on our 3rd & 4th day before we flew to London so ended up chilling at home and eating at this burger shack next door which had surprisingly good burgers. We ended up at a small bar “Es Savina” near the beachat Cala des Jondal and spent the day looking at the ocean and drinking mojitos. On our last day, another close friend joined us from London so it was awesome to catch up with her! We also had some time to check out the old town and the castle where we got some drinks at this quaint little bar called “S’Escalinata Ibiza” that had the best cocktails!


The view of the city from the Ibiza Castle


The quaint bar right when you walk down the castle – S’Escalinata


My top tips if you’re planning a trip to the party island yourself this summer – make sure you’re staying near the clubs you’d hang out at, wear comfy lightweight clothes (flimsy cotton playsuits were my thing) & cheap sunglasses cos it’s hot, crowded and dance-worthy music everywhere you go and pre-game just enough that you’re in the party mood before you enter a club instead of spending 20 euros per drink trying to get into the mood. Lastly, company makes ALL the difference and there are no better people to go on a crazy vacation with than those who form your “usual bunch”.


“The usual bunch”

All in all, Ibiza was a superb vacation! After all, the best experiences in life happen as a result of drinking wine 😀

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